In my childhood I heard stories about my ancestors. They told me that my grand, grand, grand.. father (6th generation) Johann Lindner and his brother arrived with a boat from Germany. Johann established in Opheusden (NL). His brother travelled further.
At the Huijsen family they told that they were of Spanish origin...
These stories stimulated my curiosity and finally in 2000 I started with my research. Through the Internet I encountered the site of the "Arend Datema Institute', in Kesteren (NL)
Here I found information about my grandfather Johan Ludwich Lindner and grandmother Hendrika Huijberts and their parents and grand parents.
At once I was five generations further...
In that same year I traveled in Germany in the region between Nürnberg and Würzburg, called ‘Mitten Franken’ and continued my research.

Collecting information
In Nürnberg I visited the genealogical society. There I met Frau Henriette Weller. I agreed with her for her research of the Lindner family in Germany.

For the rest I found my additional information in the archives of the provinces (territories) Gelderland en Zeeland (NL) and on the Internet using ISIS and other genealogy sites. Doing so I came across one of my ancestors: my grand, grand, grand… mother Anneke Gerritsen van Roekel (± 23-09-1764 to 11-8-1837) on the website of Gijs van Roekel.
Van Roekel studied and assembled this part of the family tree.

In Zeeland (NL) I also studied in the archives of the municipality of Borsele (NL) (the village is called 'Borssele’ and the municipality is called ‘Borsele' with one 's').
Family research in Zeeland is sometimes difficult because of the los of key documents in the fire of 1940 in Middelburg (NL).

Johan Huijsen has collected most of the data from the Huijsen Family of the younger generations.

The pedigree chart confirmed the story that my ancestor Johann Lindner emigrated from Germany. However I can’t find the reason for his coming to the Netherlands.
I also can’t find no trace of his brother Johann Georg or Johann George Michael, though in Bergen op Zoom (NL) in those days lived a Johann Georg Lindner, but I haven't (yet) find evidence that there is a family band.
I haven’t found any evidence too for the Spanish origin of the Huijsen family. Now is a so-called 'Spanish origin' for a family in Zeeland not as spectacular because of the Eighty Years War (from 1568 until 1648, the revolution against Spain. After the war Spanish soldiers settled in Zeeland).

Another story comes from the Van Dongen family from the reformed enclave 's-Gravenmoer (NL) (part of the Dutch Bible belt) in the predominantly catholic province of Brabant (NL territory).
From the almost inextricable tangle of Van Dongen - where it seems as if every son and every daughter is mentioned Adriana or Adriaan - and where a limited number of families continuously seem to marry with each other, I only use the information, which I am sure it is correct.
With one exception: on the Internet, I encountered a curious line of ancestors. This line that runs through my grandmother Lamberdina Timmermans (* September 6, 1851, 's-Gravenmoer) continues beyond Charlemagne and Saint Arnul in France in 580.
Undoubtedly, there might be some mistakes in this line, but it is too curious not to mention. At first sight I doubt the information, but it appears that the data were collected by serious and thorough research.

(Quote: For several years, I am doing a genealogical research to the 's-Gravenmoer genus of Van Eersel.
My interest started so early, because my grandmother (Theuntje van Eersel) told me beautiful stories about her family and childhood. This occurred mostly in the Brabant towns of 's-Gravenmoer and Waspik.
In 1994 I met during an internship Mrs. Thea van Eersel. They alert me to the consolidated edition of the book ‘Seven Centuries 's-Gravenmoer. It was little evidence relating to the family and its relatives.
Through correspondence with co-author Ms. drs A.L. van Geertruij, Regional Archivist, I obtained much genealogical material about the Van Eersel family. These formed the basis of my further investigation into the roots of this family. (Mr. Guido A. Class, Heemskerk (NL) 2005, end quote).

Finally, I want to thank all the persons that provided information, in particular Johan Huijsen (* 21 May 1924, Borssele). Furthermore, Gijs van Roekel, who has done all the research on the family Van Roekel and Frau Henriette Weller (Germany) by the research of the German ancestors of the Lindner family.

If you have suggestions, additions or improvements, then I will be happy to receive them.

Best regards,
Bob Lindner

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